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How to make assessment engaging to complete while retaining its robustness and effectiveness?

Companies need the right people for their specific business who work with high engagement towards realistic goals. To enhance the candidate application experience, cut-e has designed an online game-based assessment, playAssess.

playAssess embeds cut-e’s psychometrically valid tests within an exciting, more playful context and thereby takes an entirely new approach to assessment.

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playAssess by Aon

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What does this assessment measure?

Behaviour, personality and ability in game-based client specific scenario using a cover story. Any cut-e test can be embedded into the playAssess cover story.

What is the task?

In the cover story, the test taker is introduced to an alien named Odd, who took over a building and settled at the top level. The candidate now has to take the elevator up to stop Odd. While doing so, he is challenged by Odd to complete several tests. Every time a test is completed, the elevator goes up a little further. After completing all tests, the candidate is rewarded by defeating Odd and sending him back to his home planet.

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Deliver scientifically validated assessments in a gamified context

playAssess involves an alien named Odd who has invaded Earth, taken over the top floor of a skyscraper and now threatens to capture the city. Candidates can save the city by taking the building’s elevator to reach Odd. On the way up, the candidate is required to complete a series of challenges in the form of cut-e assessments.
cut‑e provides 30 different ability tests, covering verbal, numerical, abstract and logical thinking abilities, special knowledge and skills and more specific cognitive abilities such as reaction speed and multi-tasking. Any of these tests - and indeed any other cut-e assessment - can be embedded into the cover story of playAssess, which gives the HR team job-relevant insight into candidate ability and personality and offers the candidate a more fun and engaging testing experience.

Why playAssess?

playAssess can be used as a pre-selection tool for a range of different job roles, from apprentices, high-volume customer-facing positions and seasonal jobs, right through to junior management roles.
You are able to choose the most relevant cut-e assessments from our range, create a running order of these and embed them within this gamified assessment context. As such, it’s highly flexible in terms of what it can measure and yet still provides the standard assessment conditions needed to retain the integrity of the tools. A report is automatically generated that provides scores on the assessments undertaken by each candidate, helping you identify the best applicants quickly and easily.

Benefits of playAssess

  • Greater engagement: playAssess provides a fun and involving experience for a situation typically considered as stressful.
  • A unique assessment: As each cut-e test is built from randomised questions, the complete assessment presented is different for each candidate, making playAssess unique in the market.
  • Self-assessment: Invite potential applicants to work through the online assessments and receive feedback on their results and then encourage them to complete the application process.
  • Additional customisation at low cost: The test battery is created based on your needs as an employer and some elements of the cover story can be tweaked should you wish.
  • No experience needed: Candidates don’t need to be good at gaming to perform well in the assessment: the assessments are not games.
  • Device-independent: We have optimised playAssess so that it can run on all types of devices.

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